• Are you currently on TRT but your Doctor wont prescribe HCG and other support medications?
  • Do you need a prescription for ED medications like Tri-Mix?
  • Would you like to consult by phone with a licensed Medical Doctor who is an expert in TRT?
  • Do you have questions your primary doctor cannot answer?
  • Do you need access to discounted blood testing?

telemedicine service from defy medical

Defy Medical is now offering a new telemedicine service to TRT patients who are receiving testosterone medication through their primary physician, but cannot access ancillary medications like Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This service is available to men anywhere in the US through our telemedicine platform. All consultations with our doctors will be performed over the phone or web.

What is an Ancillary Medication?

Ancillaries are medications, supplements, or compounds which support a patients testosterone therapy. Men who are on testosterone therapy use ancillary medications such as HCG and anastrozol to maintain optimal hormone function.

Other ancillary medications which can support testosterone therapy include erectile performance drugs including Viagra, Cialis and Tri-Mix

HCG Injection from defy medical

What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and how can it benefit me?

In this short video, Defy Medical director Dr Justin Saya explains HCG therapy: Video

How to reverse the main side effect of Testosterone Therapy: Video

How to inject HCG: Video

Program Objective

As you may know, some physicians are simply not experienced enough to offer HCG and supporting medications to their patients therefore do not provide a prescription. Or, sometimes a prescription is provided however the patient may not be able to locate HCG. Retail pharmacies charge over $200 for 10,000iu and it’s typically not covered by insurance. Our partnered compounding pharmacies can provide 11,000iu of HCG for $70 which provides significant savings to our patients. In addition, our dedicated medical team will provide a level of care never before experienced.

The ultimate goal for this program is to allow you access to ancillary medications which cannot obtained through your primary TRT physician. In addition, our dedicated medical team can provide augmented support to your therapy by providing additional blood testing, consultations, and guidance.

Defy Medical will provide: Dedicated medical care - Affordable prescription medications - Advanced blood testing and analysis - Concierge medical care - Access to our medical team through our convenient telemedicine service.



Do you need a TRT physician?

If you need a physician who will prescribe and monitor testosterone (TRT), Defy Medical can assist. Our medical director, Dr Justin Saya, will provide a thorough evaluation and high standard of care expected from a leading TRT physician. Additional blood work may be required to receive a prescription for Testosterone.

If you would like Defy Medical to provide complete Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), including a prescription for testosterone, we can help you get started! Contact Defy Medical for a free consultation and overview.


Overview and Costs

Initial Cost: $250. Includes consultation with one of our physicians.

Patient Requirements:
Physical Exam performed by a licensed medical practitioner. The physical exam has to be completed within 90 days prior to your initial consultation with our physician.

Complete our standard Health Questionnaire and Consent to treat forms. Once completed, they can be faxed to 813-445-7340 or emailed to [email protected]. We can provide you a copy of these forms, or you may download them here: http://www.defymedical.com/resources/forms. Please also include a copy of your photo ID.

The following blood work will be needed prior to your appointment:


  • Testosterone Free & Total- $35
  • Estradiol Sensitive – $38
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) – $21
  • Metabolic Panel (CMP) – $15
  • Complete Blood Count – $15
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) - $21
  • DHEA-S- $33
  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH) - $12
  • Lipid Panel- $15
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - $44
  • IGF-1 - $30



These blood tests are very important to properly monitor your health while undergoing TRT. If your doctor has not prescribed these blood tests, Defy Medical can provide a prescription which can be taken to a local lab facility. If you do not have insurance coverage or if you pay a high co-pay for these tests you may receive a discounted price for any blood test purchased at Defy Medical. All blood testing purchased at Defy will be completed at a local lab facility near your home.

Our dedicated medical team will be available to assist every step of the way. If you have questions about the required blood testing, physical examination, or forms please do not hesitate to contact us at 813-445-7342 or email [email protected]

Required Follow Ups
All patients receiving Testosterone and/or HCG will be required to have follow up consultations at least twice per year at the discretion of your medical provider. You can choose to have your follow up with one of the physicians or with a nurse. The follow up costs are as follows:


  • Doctor Follow Up Consultation (up to 45 min) - $165
  • Managed Care/Follow Up Consultation (up to 45 min) - $90



You may request an appointment at any time between your 6 month follow ups.You may request an appointment at any time between your 6 month follow ups.

We provide HCG in various strengths and sizes depending on your prescribed dosage.


You may also order ED medications, hair-loss treatment, discounted blood testing, injectable nutrients, quality supplements, and approved general medications. Visit the Defy Medical store to see all of the other products we offer: https://www.defymedicalstore.com/


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