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Are you still looking for the perfect gift to give to someone special in your life?  Why not give them an opportunity to achieve optimal health, wellness, and fitness with Defy Medical?

Until January 5th, 2014 we are offering the opportunity to begin any of our programs at a special price of $299.  This cost will include a comprehensive blood test drawn at a nationally based testing facility located close to home.  In addition to the blood test all new patients will receive a one hour evaluation with Dr Justin Saya MD and his team.  At the end of the evaluation, each patient is given an individual treatment plan designed to optimize your hormones, health, and wellness.  To learn more about our hormone and wellness program click below

Our Hormone & Wellness Program

As a gift, each new patient will also receive a complimentary 10 week supply of Methylcobalamin, our potent Vitamin B12 injectable.

If you would like to give the gift of wellness to someone you care about, please complete the following form and we will contact you within one business day.  Once your gift has been established, a requisition for a blood test and detailed instructions will be provided to your special someone along with staff support every step of the way until their appointment with Dr Saya.   If, for any reason, your gift is not redeemed you will be provided a full refund. 

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“Defy Medical is a concierge medical clinic that offers state of the art interventional therapies which leads to fat-loss, increased muscle, increased sexual performance and overall optimal health.”

Defy Medical is offering a Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Panel for $299 - Normally a $450.00 value. The panel will evaluate your sex hormones, thyroid gland, adrenal function, and metabolism. This blood test can be ordered almost anywhere in the US. All tests include a complimentary lab review and treatment plan with Dr. Justin Saya M.D., our Medical Director.

Here is what you can expect as a patient;

  • Physician lab review, evaluation, and treatment plan
  • Ongoing physician monitored Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration Therapy.
  • Claim Assistance when insurance coverage is available.
  • Nutritional counseling and education.
  • Access to our full line of custom nutritional supplements and cosmetic products./li>
  • Concierge medical services specific to your needs.
  • Overnight delivery available upon request.

Available Medical Services and Treatments

  • Testosterone Restoration Therapy
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Restoration
  • Medical Weight-Management
  • Sexual Dysfunction and Performance
  • Nutritional Medicine and Supplementation
  • Skin care and Anti-Aging
  • Type-2 Diabetes therapies
  • Affordable Blood Testing service
  • Treatment for depression
  • Treatment for menopause: the symptoms related to pre and post menopause