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Uniformed Support

Defy Medical supports the Men and Women who work in difficult conditions to protect us from injury, harm, or death. To show our appreciation for your dedicated service, we offer a Uniformed Service Discount for all our concierge services which include any lab test, medical consultation, and even your medications & nutritional supplements.

This discount program is offered to:

• Active Duty
• Drilling Reserve
• Retired
• Disabled
• Law Enforcement
• Federal
• Fire/Rescue.


Please present your issued ID card, badge, or DD214 to qualify.


Our mission is to protect those who protect us by providing access to concierge medical support, diagnostic testing, and monitored HRT. Whether you’re on or off duty, our program is designed to help you operate with the benefit of optimal health, wellness, and performance.



L-Cirtulline and ED

L-Citrulline is a very unique amino acid which provides a great source of nitric oxide for our bodies to use. Learn more about supplementing L-Citrulline to improve erectile function in patients experiencing ED or looking to improve sexual performance. L-Citrulline also has benefits towards improved muscular performance and recovery.


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L-Citrulline and Performance


Defy Medical offers a high quality source of L-Citrulline in oral, sublingual and injectable forms. Contact patient services to learn more or place your order. All orders include supplies, directions, and nurse support.

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Oxytocin Improves Sex, Sociability and Mood

Why and how do we form bonds and social connections? What makes people fall in love, and what happens during sex (biochemically, that is)? Why are some people more generous than others? Recent developments in the fields of medicine and neuroscience have recently begun to shed light on these questions, and emerging research reveals that a nine amino acid peptide known as oxytocin plays a central role in human social behaviors and interactions such as bonding, attachment, sexual activity, emotion recognition, and trust-building. Popularly dubbed “the bonding hormone,” “the cuddle hormone,” and even “the love hormone,” oxytocin is indeed essential to human connections; however, these catchphrases may be somewhat narrow in light of oxytocin’s wide range of physiological and behavioral functions, not to mention its huge therapeutic potential for treating a variety of disorders, and its role in enhancing mood, well-being, and even sexual function.

Oxytocin is a Hormone and a Neurotransmitter

In 1906, it was found that extracts from a human posterior pituitary gland contracted the uterus of a pregnant cat and the isolated biochemical responsible for this action was named oxytocin, from the Greek words meaning “swift birth.” Oxytocin is best known for its roles in reproduction: it is released into the circulatory system where it acts as a hormone mediating contractions of the uterus during childbirth as well as milk production during breastfeeding. However, besides these hormonal effects, oxytocin is also released directly into the brain under certain stimuli such as touch, where it functions as a neurotransmitter, modulating a diverse set of behaviors and interactions in animals and humans.




Special Offer (Free Vitamins with Lab Order)

Order your Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness and receive a FREE bottle of Methylcobalamin, a potent form of Vitamin B12.


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Your complete lab results with physicians report will be emailed (or faxed) to you. We do accept Insurance for labwork. Please be sure to check with your insurance for coverage. If you do not have insurance the lab fee is $199 for Male or Female panels. This includes all tests in the Comprehensive Hormone and Wellness Panel and your phlebotomy. As a special offer to you, we will order a10 week supply of injectable Methylcobalamin to be shipped to your home directly from our compounding pharmacy with supplies included.

Contact patient services to learn more or place your lab order.


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