Lipotropic (Fat burning) Capsules are Now Available at Defy

Lipotropic (Fat burning) Capsules are Now Available at Defy

Dr. Justin Saya consulted our team from APS Pharmacy to develop MIC-Lipo capsules based on our observation of current weight-loss protocols which include weekly MIC-Lipo injections. Although a weekly MIC-Lipo injection has been shown to significantly assist patients in fat loss who are eating a low calorie diet, physicians following such protocols are just scratching the surface of the potential of this nutraceutical compound. When MIC-Lipo is injected, it remains active within the body for roughly a day. Some of the components, such as B12, may remain active longer due to storage in the liver, but I have yet to find any conclusive evidence. In other words, when following a once-weekly MIC-Lipo injection protocol the patient really only benefits from the MIC-Lipo for a short period of time.

We developed MIC-Lipo capsules to supplement throughout the week in between injections in order to help patients take full advantage of the benefits of MIC-Lipo in addition to Chromium, which must be taken before meals for optimal efficacy. Here is an effective protocol;

One MIC-Lipo capsule 30 min prior to each meal, equaling 3 capsules per day. If more than 3 meals are eaten than have the patient take 1 capsule prior to 3 meals containing carbohydrates, since Chromium assists in the uptake of glucose into the cells forming glycogen (anabolic energy) for the muscles to utilize. Once to twice per week the patient can boost with a MIC-Lipo injection containing B12 (methylcobalamin). Each capsule contains 50mg of Methionine, 100mg of Inositol, 100mg of Choline, and 50mcg of Chromium. Each capsule is compounded by APS Pharmacy exclusively for Defy. The cost for 1 month supply is less than $55.

In addition to MIC-Lipo Capsules we offer a variety of Lipotropic injection kits which can be administered at home using a small gauge needle. Some nutrients cannot be orally ingested due to mal absorption or simply because high levels of nutrients cannot be obtained when digested orally. When injected, many nutrients can have potent drug like effects which can be beneficial to performance or for the treatment of certain conditions. In addition to Lipotropic agents, we offer a variety of injectable amino-acids, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants which can be administered safely in the comfort of your home. Each nutrient kit is supplied with everything needed to start including storage and administration instructions. Contact our staff today for more information on these kits.

We also carry affordable high quality nutritional supplements.

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