sugarMost adipose (fat) accumulation issues that occur in adults is due to high sugar intake. High-glycemic foods spike blood sugar levels, which in turn cause elevated blood insulin levels. Insulin delivers glucose to the cells as energy. If there is excess glucose, it will circulate in the bloodstream and then be stored as fat in the liver for reserved energy. Fruits and vegetables are fiber-rich which slows digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, therefore inducing less blood sugar and insulin spikes than processed foods. Using the glycemic index as a reference can be helpful when attempting to manage blood glucose (sugar) levels in your diet. If further management is warranted, Metformin has been shown to provide positive outcomes in the maintenance of patient’s blood sugar.  
Metformin blunts insulin surges due to high sugar intake, which therefore mitigates the glycosylation of proteins and adipose accumulation; the typical result of high insulin surges. Our team of physicians recommend proper nutrition, sufficient exercise, and optimization of key hormones as necessary components for maintaining a healthy body composition. Although reducing carbohydrate and sugar intake will do wonders for one’s physique, Metformin could potentially assist with fat reduction (especially in the gut) whether following a healthy diet or not.

Benefits of Metformin
* Anti-glycemic
* Lipid and Cholesterol-lowering
* Weight reduction
* Anti-inflammatory
* Cardiovascular protection
* Insulin sensitizing
* Anti-oxidative
* Modifies non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
* Attenuation of metabolic syndrome
* Management/reversal of dysbiosis, an imbalance in gut microflora which is a common feature of many gastrointestinal (GI) conditions
* Improves and stabilizes impaired carbohydrate metabolism


Defy Medical offers this treatment to patients who have been diagnosed with Diabetes or have difficulty keeping their blood sugar levels within healthy ranges. Prior to commencing this treatment, our physicians require the evaluation of the following blood work at minimum:

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP-14)
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Hemoglobin A1c
Insulin (Fasting)
Vitamin B12
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We also recommend analyzing hormone levels. Sex hormones; such as Testosterone and Estrogens, Thyroid hormones, and Adrenal Gland function are important to screen for possible deficiencies. By correcting any hormonal deficits and optimizing our internal chemistry, we can further improve our health and longevity.

The Defy Medical Store lists each preset lab panel that we offer, along with individual tests that may be added to any order:
Once these lab results are finalized and we collect your medical health history and physical exam, you will be scheduled for a consultation with one of our licensed physicians to review your blood work and health concerns in detail. Thereafter, our medical staff will guide you through the process of ordering your medications and ensure that you understand your treatment plan.  
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