Recent polls have shown that there is almost no training in medical schools for treating overweight and obesity, and that doctors have, in general, a prejudice against such patients. This is ironic when we consider that 1/3 of our patients are obese. As the obesity rate continues to climb, it is important that physicians become more educated in nutrition and the benefit of exercise. Using BMI and outdated dietary recommendations obviously is not working. Get the help you need from an experienced specialist.

Defy Medical has on staff physicians and medical personnel who are trained, educated, and who themselves practice evidence based nutritional medicine. Our program is designed to effectively identify the causes of obesity through nutrient, metabolic, and hormone testing. Results are analyzed with the patient by our medical director, Dr Justin Saya MD, and his team. The program is then tailored to each patient’s specific needs, and each patient is continually monitored by our staff to ensure success.

Our nutritional supplements are tailored to your specific body type using state of the art diagnostic testing. Once we have identified your deficiencies we then custom design the program for you.