First, wash your hands with soap and water

How to Apply: Testosterone cream should be applied once per day unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

Where to Apply:
WOMEN: Testosterone may be applied to abdomen and inner thighs. or Apply vaginally (externally) prior to sexual activity.

MEN: Apply to inner thigh, shoulders, upper chest, or inner arm

** Rotate application sites each day. If you are only applying the hormone to one area, rotate sides each day (example: left/right arm)

Always Remember

  • Limit your contact with other people or animals for 30min after applying testosterone cream. It is possible to transfer transdermal hormones to others if it is not fully absorbed.
  • Wash hands immediately after applying testosterone cream
  • Do not mix or layer over other hormone creams or skin lotions
  • Do not bathe or shower for 40min after applying cream
  • Do not exercise or promote sweating for 2 hours after application
  • Always be sure to follow the directions provided by your pharmacy and physician.
Please contact our medical office if you have any questions.