LatanaLash is a prescription medication which contains the active ingredient Latanaprost, prescribed off-label to promote the growth of eye-lashes. Similar to the active ingredient found in the popular eyelash medication Latisse, Latanaprost is found to be more tolerable to the eye therefore reducing the chance of experiencing the side effects commonly associated with Latisse. Latanoprost has recently been discovered to stimulate eyelash growth and is also used as treatment for alopecia of the eyelashes. Eyelash growth enhancers not only lengthen lashes, they make them thicker as well. Additional rows of hair grow and the color becomes darker. What once were vellus hairs now become terminal hairs. Vellus hair refers to the ones that are thin and barely noticeable; with prostaglandin analogs like latanoprost and bimatoprost, these become terminal, meaning, thicker and longer. Latanoprost stimulates resting hair (resting hair is in the phase called telogen) to re-enter the anagen or growth phase of hair. To give you a better understanding, there are actually 4 phases of hair growth; namely, anagen (3-6 years), catagen/transition phase (1-2 weeks), telogen (5-6 weeks) and return to anagen. Latanoprost works on the dermal papilla and boosts the return to anagen phase. Scientists have also observed that hair follicles become bigger and the growth phase is prolonged.

What are the Side Effects?

If Latanaprost accidentally comes in contact with your eyeball, it may irritate and cause it to redden which medical professionals call conjunctival hyperemia. Your iris and nearby skin can get darker, too. The discoloration of nearby skin usually reverses when the medication is discontinued. LatanaLash is compounded at a specialty pharmacy with additional ingredients which aid in reducing eye redness and irritation commonly associated with other eyelash medications.

LatanaLash comes in a 3.5mL cosmetic glass tube and includes a supply of sterile applicators for each use. Each prescription order can be compounded and shipped discreetly to you within one business day of your request.

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