IV nutrient therapy, newest wave in health

TAMPA ABC Action News-
Drip your way to better health?

With the new year always comes promises of a healthier you! Getting in shape, mind and body is usually at the top of the "things to improve" list. So what if there was a product offered right here in the Bay Area that its providers' say can do all of that for you and more? All by just sitting in a chair on your lunch break? Well the people over at Defy Medical in Tampa seem to think they have the product you have been waiting for.

Its being dubbed the newest thing in wellness. An intravenous injection, administered by either a registered nurse or a doctor, containing a cocktail that tailors to the patient's needs.

 Eddy Midyett, co-owner of Powerhouse Gym in Downtown Tampa says he was skeptical about the idea at first. He says he did his research on the product and thought there may be an opportunity to get these people into his gym. The result?

"This is the best IV I've ever had," says Midyett.

Midyett, a Defy Medical patient and the type of guy who likes to hit the gym at least once a week was emphatic about his experience. He says he tries out any and everything he offers at the gym to make sure his members are getting optimal services and he's convinced, judging by the response he's gotten thus far, the IV treatments can definitely be characterized as optimal.

"A lot of people at the facility, they swear by it." says Midyett. "It helps them before and after their workouts."

But if pumping iron isn't your thing, that doesn't matter, according to Jasen Bruce, President of Defy Medical, the company that offers the IV's. He says no matter who you are or what you are looking for, there is something for everyone.

"We have IV infusions built for people who suffer from chronic disease such as HIV, Fibromyalgia, Type II diabetes, chronic pain…," says Bruce. "We [even] have an after party cocktail for people who want to come in for a hangover."

But could an IV that its providers boasts could even help you lose weight, with the right cocktail mixture, be safe?

"All the nutrients are purchased from an FDA regulated pharmacy or FDA approved raw materials. We purchase our specifically at a compounding pharmacy. All compounding pharmacies are licensed and regulated by the FDA," Bruce explains.

He adds your body basically absorbs the nutrients it needs and then expels the excess. While there are some side effects, Bruce says all of that is explained up front and in very rare cases are possible. He says that's why the products are only offered for people 18 years of age or older. That way, if there is some sort of bodily change, that patient can notify their office immediately.

Depending on what cocktail you choose, you could be looking at $50 to $200 a bag, but its a price, and a DRIP, that customers like Midyett say is worth it!

For more information on the IVITALITY INFUSIONS from Defy Medical, visit their website at www.defymedical.com/services/iv-infusion

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