Defy Medical

Our Mission

To provide exceptional patient care and education with emphasis on safety.

The mission of Defy Medical is to provide each patient exceptional care while ensuring safety through personalized treatment and continued education.

Defy Medical is dedicated to being a leading concierge medical practice which focuses on both preventative and restorative therapies. We are committed to improve the health and wellness of the patients we serve across the country through personalized treatment and individual care.

Key Pillars and Values:

  • We expect a high level of integrity and accountability from each staff member.
  • We protect Patient Privacy at every level.
  • We will strive to deliver the best care for each patient.
  • We recruit, train, and re-train physicians and support staff to ensure the highest level of service.
  • We expect the highest level of service from each pharmacy, laboratory, and vendor we use.
  • We provide current evidence based diagnostic, therapeutic, and health promoting protocols.
  • We strive to empower each patient with continued education and accessibility of resources.